Navigating + Interacting with Teams

  1. Click the Teams icon in the left navigational menu bar (fourth icon from the top).
    Your existing teams appear in List view.


Let’s dig deeper into List view.

a.   All Teams Button: This button allows you to return to your main Teams page as you begin to navigate further into your teams.
b. Filter Status: This details what kinds of teams you are displaying—in this example we are seeing teams that are active, internal and/or extended. By clicking on the Filter icon, you can change filter criteria.
c. View Panel: Here you can toggle between different ways of displaying your teams—List view or Circle view. The icon representing the current view is black.
d. Sort Panel: Click the Sort icon to rearrange teams by Activity, Name, Size, Extended, or Leader.
e. Filter Panel: Click the Filter icon to filter teams by whether they are Active, Archived, Internal, and/or Extended.
f. Add Team: Click the Add Team button to create a new team.
g. Team Name: This is the name of the team displayed. Click here to drill into team details.
h. Extended Team Icon: This icon denotes that the team has been opened to extended members, so this team may include members from outside of your organization. 
i. Team Members: The first team member displayed is the Leader. Click on any team member to drill into team details.


  1. To view your Teams in an alternate format, find the View panel in the top left of the Teams navigation bar and select the Circle icon.

 This is the Circle view of Teams:

  1. Click on one of the teams to view their detail:
    1. Detail Circle View: The team’s primary leader lies at the center of the circle. Use this view to see assigned SmartTasks as a connection between team members with the color denoting whether a SmartTask is on time (purple) or behind (red). The numbers in each team member’s avatar correspond to their assigned SmartTasks, with overdue displaying in red.
    2. Bubble View: In this view the team’s primary leader is displayed at the top and denoted by a purple star. Team members with white stars are leaders and those without stars are simply team members. The numbers found in each team member’s avatar correspond to the number of SmartTasks that they’ve been assigned, with late counts displaying in red.
    3. Capacity Planning View: This view lists team members alphabetically and displays their availability for the coming 90 days. It also provides visualization around days that are over/under-booked with work and the breakdown of work in Moovila vs. meetings for each team member.

Interacting with Teams:

  1. Enter a message to the team in the chat panel. Everyone on that team will see your message.
  2. Click on the avatar of one of your teammates in the Team Flow diagram. This takes you to their SmartTask list.
  3. Click the Teams icon in the left navigational menu bar to return to a list of your Teams.


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