Note: SmartTasks are assigned to you as Personal by default. This means only you can see the SmartTask, unless you assign it to someone else or yourself in one of your Teams.

  1. Click the mceclip0.png button at the bottom of the screen to prompt the SmartTask creation form. 
  2. Enter a SmartTask name, and optionally a description.
  3. Click the Link to Project button in the upper right corner of the form to associate your SmartTask with an existing project.
  4. Choose the project or project + phase to connect the SmartTask.
  5. Click the round avatar in the top left corner of the form to prompt the Select Owner(s) screen.
  6. Select the SmartTask owner(s).
    1. To assign to one person, select a person from any team, by clicking on their avatar.
    2. To assign the SmartTask to multiple people, create a Batch by hitting the Batch Mode OFF button in the top right of the form header, which will turn Batch Mode on.
      Select people individually, and/or assign a full team by clicking Select all. Note: Batch Mode is on, Moovila will create a separate SmartTask for each individual assigned.
  7. Click Entire Team to choose who can see your SmartTask. Options include the full team, your organization, and the owner/assigner only. Then hit the back arrow in the top left.
  8. Next, optionally assign Due/Start Dates and Work Window (duration) by clicking on each section.
    The Work Estimate and Work Completed will usually be addressed by the SmartTask Owner.
  9. You can also add Steps, Attachments, an image, and associate Equipment/Supplies by clicking each button.
    In Attachments, you can link to the following cloud storage services:
    Once you authorize the connection to your storage accounts, your credentials will be maintained for continued easy access.
  10. Click SAVE or SAVE + CLOSE at the bottom of the form to save and assign the SmartTask.
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