1. Go to Project Architect by clicking Project Architect, the second icon in the left navigational menu bar. Then click the + Add Project button in the top right, next to All Projects. The Add Project window will open.
  2. Enter a project name. And, optionally provide a sub title, image and/or project description.
  3. Set the project scope: Personal, Team or Enterprise depending on who you want to be able to see and engage with your project.
  4. Assign the Project Owner: First select the Team icon, then click the dropdown to set the Project Owner. This prompts the Team list. Select an avatar of the project owner, from the desired team to set them as the Project Owner, in that associated Team.
  5. Set the project Start / Due Dates. The Due Date is optional, and the Start Date is required to save a project.
  6. Choose a Program, Stage, and/or Category/Product for your project, if relevant.
  7. Click Create project at the bottom of the form to save your project.
  8. Open the project you just created by clicking on the project in the list.
  9. Click through the options in the View panel. 

    Critical Pathmceclip2.png


    Small Thumbnail
  10. Click Edit Options in the top purple bar. Let’s take a moment to review the actions available via this menu:


Opens the Edit Project window so that general or financial details about the project can be updated.
mceclip9.png Create and edit relationship or linkages between SmartTasks.
mceclip0.png Modify several SmartTasks or phases at once, changing the owner, phase, status or priority.
mceclip1.png Simultaneously delete multiple SmartTasks.
mceclip13.png Insert a new phase (grouping of SmartTasks) into the project.
mceclip14.png Save time by copying an existing project phase.
mceclip15.png Shift a phase’s hierarchy in the overall project or move to a new or different project in your portfolio.
mceclip16.png Remove an unneeded phase from the project.
mceclip9.png Turn on the ability to drag and drop SmartTasks in List view.


  1. Select Add a Phase to create grouped phases within your project.
  2. Enter a phase name, and optionally a description. Click Create phase to save it. (Double click the phase bar to edit the name and description at any time after saving.)
  3. To add another phase, select Add Phase from the Edit dropdown menu again. This prompts a form for selecting where your new phase will go. Hit the Select button in the phase you would like the new phase to be nestled under.
  4. To add a SmartTask to the phase you are in, simply click the mceclip20.png button at the bottom of the screen. This will prompt a SmartTask creation form, which will auto-populate the project association with the phase of the project you are in.
  5. To associate an existing SmartTask with your project:
    1. Go to My Tasks via the left navigational bar. Open the SmartTask detail of the desired task.
    2. Click [ click to edit details ] at the bottom of the SmartTask.
    3. Click the Link to Project button in the top right of the SmartTask to prompt Project Link form.
    4. Expand the desired project to the phase you would like to add your task to. Then hit Select.
    5. Press SAVE / SAVE + CLOSE on the SmartTask detail.


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