Basic Platform Navigation

The Homescreen (also your Tasks screen) is the central hub for viewing what you need to do, when it needs to be done, and who can help you get there. This window is designed to provide a bird’s eye view and a one-touch way to drill down to what matters most.

The layout is simple and was developed to make navigation a snap, whether using a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Access your most used functions by clicking an icon in the vertical menu at the left side of the screen. 

  1. User Avatar: Click on your image or name to access your user profile, notification preferences and UI settings.
  2. Filter: Click this icon to apply filter criteria based on Task Status, Owner, Start Date, and more, limiting the SmartTasks displayed.
  3. Search: Visible on all screens, click the button in the upper right corner to search for anything including people, project names, or resources. A history is maintained to help recall frequently used search results, but search history can be deleted at any time.
  4. Tasks: The Tasks view doubles as Moovila's Homescreen. See all SmartTasks assigned to you or your team in a variety of formats. Track your progress, monitor deadlines and get to work.
  5. Projects: Click this icon to be directed to a concise summary of all current projects. From here, view project health at a glance, create & manage projects, add & remove SmartTasks, edit dependencies, and maintain projects’ critical path.
  6. Teams: Use this tool to view and communicate with teams, and create new ones.
  7. Notify: Shows a quick snapshot of new assignments, pending actions, reminders, and completed dependencies (to ensure that teams’ projects keep flowing). It also serves as a repository for actions taken in other sections and provides a historical record for what’s happening in the system. Anything done in the above workspaces is recorded here.
  8. More Options: Click the icon to view and update profiles, switch accounts, change passwords, log out, view the SmartTask Library, and learn more about Moovila and support options.
  9. Maximize: From any screen, click the << button in the lower left corner to hide the sidebar navigation and expand the workspace to fill the browser window.
  10. Add a Task: Visible on all screens including the Homescreen, click this button at the bottom of the screen to add a new SmartTask for yourself or a team member.


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