1. Click the + Add Team button in the top left section of the Teams header, next to All Teams.
  2. Enter a team name and description.
  3. Select Internal vs Extended. (Extended Teams contain members outside of your enterprise.)
  4. Select Team (1 to 30 members) VS Community (30+ members).
  5. Click Create New Team at the bottom of the form. You can now add members.
  6. Click Add Member in the Members section.
  7. Select an existing Moovila user(s) by clicking their avatar. Then hit the back arrow in the top left.
  8. Click Add Member in the Members section once more.
  9. Click Invite by mail in the top right. This prompts a form to invite a new user via email. mceclip4.png
  10. Complete the form and hit Send Invitation.
  11. Return to the Edit Team detail, then click Edit Members.
  12. Click the Member button on one of your newly added teammates to select their role.
  13. Click the back arrow to return to the Team detail, then hit Save at the bottom of the form.
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