Use the steps shown in the image below and detailed with the corresponding numbers to explore the My Tasks area:

  1. Click the My Tasks icon.
  2. Note whose SmartTasks you’re viewing. By default they will be your own, but they may also be filtered to display those of teammates.
  3. Note the current filter criteria. This will either state “Default” or “Custom,” indicating which view is in play. Click the Refresh icon to return to default settings. Click the Filter icon to view or modify filter criteria.
  4. Click through the View panel to review your SmartTask display options (initially SmartTasks display in the List View):



    Small Thumbnails




  5. Click the Sort button to arrange SmartTasks in groups by Due Date, Status, Priority, Owner, Assigner, Team, or Project.
  6. Click the Filter button, just below your name in the top left or in the left navigational bar to review your filtering options.
  7. Click Open All on the first group header to reveal all SmartTasks under all headers.
  8. Click on any SmartTask to open and view detail.
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