Use the steps shown in the image below and detailed with the corresponding numbers to dig deeper into a SmartTask:

  1. Review the SmartTask Owner information. Displayed are the SmartTask owner, assigner, team name and the date assigned
  2. Review the Project Information. Displayed are the project associated with this task, project phase and SmartTask status.
  3. Review the rest of the SmartTask details (including Name and Description):
    a.   Milestone Status
    b.   SmartTask Status
    c.   Progress (% Complete)
    d.   Priority Level
    e.   Critical Path
    f.   Equipment/Supplies, Steps, Attachments, Image
    g.   Start & Due Dates
    h.   Work Window (duration), Work Estimate, Work Completed (time entry)
  4. Then close the form by clicking anywhere outside of the SmartTask detail.
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