Explore the Project Architect's Project Portfolio

Follow the numbers in the image below and their corresponding instructions to get to know your Project Portfolio.QSG_ExplorePortfolio.png

  1. Go to your Project Portfolio by clicking Project Architect.
  2. Click through the View options to see different options for displaying your project listing. By default your Project Portfolio will display in List view, but the system will remember your last choice next time you log in. Other views include:


    Large Thumbnail
  3. Click through Group options to see different grouping options available for your projects. These include Owner, Team, Project Scope, Program, Category, Stage, Priority, Due Date, Month Due, Month Starting, and None (which sorts alphabetically by project name).
  4. Click the Filter icon to review options. These include filtering by Status (Active / Completed / Archived), All Projects, Projects Involving You, Project Type (Projects / Templates), Owner, Program, Category, Stage, Priority, and Forecast Date.

Note other elements of the Project Portfolio screen:

a.   Bookmark Icon: Click to view bookmarked projects
b. Other Icon: Click to import a project from MS Project
c. Column Headers: Drag and drop to rearrange column order, pull the edges to adjust the column width
d. Project Title
e. Project Primary Leader
f. SmartTask Priority: Displays the priority associated with this project
g. Project Due Date
h. Forecasted Completion Date: Displays the date that a project is forecasted to end without intervention. Dates in purple will end on-time, dates in red are behind, and dates in green will finish early
i. Variance: Shows the difference between the due date and forecasted completion date
j. Changed: Last date the project was updated
k. Value: The project value associated with this project appears in this column for those with rights to view it (those rights are configured in project setup
l. Impact: The daily financial impact associated with this project appears in this column for those with rights to view it (those rights are configured in project setup)
m. At-a-Glance Status Icons:
PortfolioThumbnail7.1.png SmartTasks Complete: Displays the number of completed SmartTasks out of the total number of SmartTasks found in this project.
PortfolioThumbnail7.2.png Overdue SmartTasks: Displays the total number of overdue SmartTasks in this project.
PortfolioThumbnail7.3.png Blocked SmartTasks: Displays a count of SmartTasks that are “blocked,” indicating that they require some sort of intervention for work to proceed.


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