Your first destination in Moovila is the Home Screen, which will give you a sense of where you stand with your current work and teams.

The more you use the system, the more dynamic and helpful the Home content will become. Since you’re just getting started, there won’t be much to report just yet. Eventually, this will become your go-to temperature check of SmartTask status, project delays, outstanding work assignments, capacity concerns, team messages and more.

  1. Click any tab to reveal a list of SmartTasks.
  2. Click any SmartTask in this list. This opens the SmartTask detail.
  3. Click anywhere outside of the SmartTask to return Home.

Note: tabs that contain a mceclip1.png icon, indicate that an item requires your attention (ex. a SmartTask is overdue, SmartTasks are pending your acceptance, someone has rejected a SmartTask assignment, etc.).

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