Navigating the SmartTask Homescreen

You can view SmartTasks in several different ways, but start by clicking Tasks in the left navigation. Here are the core elements of your SmartTask Homescreen:

  1. Team Member(s): This button shows whose SmartTask Homescreen you are viewing. Because you are also able to navigate to your team members’ SmartTask lists via your Teams view, this is a helpful reminder of exactly where you are.
  2. Filter Status: The filter criteria that you have applied to your SmartTasks displays here. In this example the SmartTask Homescreen is displaying Default filter settings. When the filter criteria have been altered, a refresh icon appears.
    Click on the Filter icon to limit the displayed SmartTasks by Task Status, Dependency Status, Risk, Priority, Start or Due Date, Changed Date, Completed Date, Owner, Assigner, Team and/or Viewing Privacy. Learn more about this functionality in the Filtering section.
  3. Search: Use the search bar to search for Projects, SmartTasks, or Team Members across Moovila.
  4. View Options: Click to change the way your SmartTasks are displayed. The option shown above is Power Grid Learn more about using these different views in the Selecting a View section. 
  5. Group Options: Organize SmartTasks based upon Due Date, Status, Priority, Owner, Assigner, Team, or Project. Learn more about this functionality in the Sorting section.
  6. Favorites: Long running SmartTasks or those that need a closer eye can be marked as favorites by clicking the "favorites" star associated with that task. Click the Favorites icon in the header to filter down to just those SmartTasks who have been denoted with a star. Click again to view all SmartTasks.
  7. Columns: In Power Grid view the columns can be customized. Click here to add or remove columns from the display. Once added, they can be dragged and dropped to alter the display order.
  8. My Templates: SmartTasks can be saved as templates and quickly accessed here.
  9. More Options: Print or save your Task Homescreen by selecting the option from this dropdown menu.
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