1. Click on a SmartTask to open it. Click on the Due Date. The Calendar opens.
  2. Click on the Capacity View icon to open the Capacity View. The Capacity view shows the availability of the person to whom the SmartTask has been assigned. Using this view provides the ability to consider a team member’s workload prior to scheduling a SmartTask.
  3. Click the Capacity icon in the upper right corner of the Calendar view.
  4. The Capacity view of the calendar appears. Colored triangles appear on each day with the number of hours available for additional work displayed. This number is based on the available working hours that are configured in the Capacity and Calendar Settings dialogue, any meetings pulled in from integrated Google or Outlook Calendars, and SmartTasks assigned via Moovila. The colors of these triangles mean the following:
    mceclip2.png Over Capacity: The team member is assigned more hours of work on a given day than they are able to complete based on their available working hours.
    mceclip3.png At Capacity: There are zero remaining working hours available for additional SmartTasks in this team member’s schedule.
    mceclip4.png At Risk: There are some remaining working hours available for additional SmartTasks, but they are limited.
    mceclip5.png Available: There is significant time available for this team member to accept additional SmartTasks.
    mceclip6.png Not Scheduled: This is not a scheduled work day for this team member.
    mceclip7.png Beyond 90 Days: This data is not currently available. The Capacity Calendar displays availability for the upcoming 90 days.
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