1. Click a SmartTask to open it.
  2. Mark the Status checkbox beside the SmartTask detail text box to reflect the SmartTask’s status or progress:
    2020-09-04_16-53-39.png Not Started: Work on the SmartTask has not yet begun.
    2020-09-04_16-53-53.png In Progress: The SmartTask is underway, but not yet complete.
    2020-09-04_16-53-53.png Complete: The SmartTask is done. If it is a predecessor, the next SmartTask in the project can begin.
    2020-09-04_16-53-53.png Blocked: There is something preventing the completion of this SmartTask. This might be missing resources, missing information, etc.
    2020-09-04_16-53-53.png Cancelled: This SmartTask is no longer needed as part of the overall project. Using this status vs. deleting the SmartTask allows records of the SmartTask to be maintained.
  3. Update the Percent Complete.
    a.   As steps are completed, click the mceclip0.png  icon to update. The Percent Complete screen appears.
    b. Select the percent completed and use the Back arrow to return to the SmartTask.
  4. Work through any required Steps.
    a.   Click into the Steps field in the SmartTask detail view.
    b. Review steps associated with this SmartTask and mark them complete as you progress.
    c. Click the Apply button to return to the SmartTask and save changes to steps.
  5. Add or View SmartTask Attachments.
    a.   Click into the Attachments field. The Attachments screen appears. 
    Click the Viewer icon to preview files before downloading.
    Click the Download icon to download files.
    b. Click the "+" button in the upper right corner to add an attachment.
    c. The Select file source screen appears.
    d. Click any of the locations to add a document to this SmartTask. The following file types may be uploaded: .AI, .CSS, .DOC, .DOCX, .DWG, .EPS, .FLV, .GIF, .HTML, .IDML, .INDD, .JPEG, .JPG, .KEY, .MOV, .MP4, .MPEG, .MPP, .NONE, .NUMBERS, .OTF, .OTHER, .PAGES, .PDF, .PNG, .PPT, .PPTX, .PSB, .PSD, .SVG, .SWF, .TIF, .TIFF, .TTF, .TXT, .VSD, .VSDX, .WMF, .WMV, .WOFF, .XLS, .XLSM, .XLSX, and .ZIP. The maximum file size is 25MB.

    Note: The first time an attachment is added from a cloud storage location you will be redirected and required to authenticate into the cloud storage provider. After that initial login, Moovila will automatically authenticate creating a seamless experience.

    e. The location opens, and a file can be selected. The File appears in your attachments listing with prefilled details about the file type, whether it an be seen as a preview, the file name, contributor, and upload date. The Name and Description fields are editable.
    f. Add another attachment if needed by using the Return key or the "+" button. Once all files have been added, click the Apply button to save.
    g. The Attachments field now indicates that files have been uploaded with a count.
  6. Use Chat to Communicate.
    a.  Enter a message into the Chat panel to get more information from team members or share details about progress.
    b. Use the icon in the lower right corner of the chat panel to send a message to a specific team member (vs. the entire team).
    c. Use the Return key to send your message.
  7. Finally, remember to click the Apply button to save your changes.
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