Accepting or Rejecting a Pending Request

  1. SmartTasks pending awaiting your acceptance will appear in the Tasks view, in the projects to which they belong and in the Notifications screen.
  2. In Tasks or Project view the SmartTask will appear to be greyed out and the Owner avatar will be marked with an hourglass.
    a.   Click anywhere on the SmartTask and you will be prompted to accept the task.
    Click on the SmartTask expand arrows to the right of the Task Name to open it and view details.
    b. The SmartTask opens. Review the assignment and click Accept to proceed or Reject to decline the task.
  3. From the Notifications screen, SmartTasks pending acceptance can be viewed. 
    a.   To accept the SmartTask without reviewing, click the Handshake icon on the right side of the notification.
    b. To view more details, click into the notification. The Notification Detail screen opens showing a description of the SmartTask. From here you can click the Accept or Reject buttons and optionally enter a response comment to the SmartTask assigner. To view further detail, click the [open] link on the notification.
    c. The SmartTask awaiting your acceptance opens. Click Accept or Reject to proceed. 2020-09-04_16-13-55.png
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