Using SmartTasks from the Library

From any Library screen, Library Templates can be opened to complete a number of actions.
Click a thumbnail or item from the list display. The SmartTask screen appears.mceclip0.png

  1. Create a new SmartTask based upon the Library Template.
    a.   Click the + icon. A new SmartTask opens.
    b. Rename the SmartTask and adjust any other details as necessary.
    c. Click Save + Close.
    d. The copied SmartTask now appears in the My Tasks screen.
  2. Share the Library Template with teams and/or team members.
    a.   Click the Share icon. The Share With screen appears.
    b. Select a team or individual to share with, or toggle the Batch Mode setting to share with multiple team members at once.
    c. Click the Back arrow. The Share Message screen appears.
    d. Enter a message to the recipients, if desired, and click the Share with button to complete the action.
  3. Bookmark a Library Template.
    a.   Click the Bookmark icon to toggle the bookmark “on.” This Library Template will now appear in the My Bookmarks section of the Library. For more detail, see Bookmarking a Library SmartTask.
  4. Review the feedback.
    a.   Click the stars at the top right of the SmartTask screen. The Reviews screen appears.
    b. Read the feedback left by other users and/or click the thumbs up icon to indicate that a review was useful.
    c. To add a review:
    i. Click Add Review. The Review Details screen appears.
    ii. In the first field enter comments.
    iii.   Click [add image] to include a picture.
    iv. Click the number of stars to indicate how useful the Library SmartTask is.
    v. Click Post to make the review public.
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