SmartTasks can be filtered to limit the amount of information displayed. For example, you might only want to view SmartTasks that are currently open or have been cancelled. This feature becomes more useful the more SmartTasks there are.

  1. Click the  2020-09-04_08-24-52.png icon. The Filter SmartTasks screen appears.
  2. Use any or all of the dropdown menus to indicate which SmartTasks will appear in the filtered view. Click on a dropdown menu and it will open to reveal filter options.
  3. Select the filter criteria to be applied by clicking on that option. Once selected, a purple check mark will appear to the left of the option. Multiple options can be selected. To clear selections, click <reset>.
  4. Click Save as my default to save these filter settings and have them applied to the My Tasks view the next time that it is accessed.
  5. Click Reset to return the filters to their default settings.
  6. Click Apply to save changes.
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