By using the Calendar views offered by Moovila—both the Due Date view and the SmartSchedule—it’s possible to quickly grasp deadlines for yourself and your team, as well as getting a holistic picture of capacity with the meetings from Outlook or Google Calendars factored into the equation. Learn more about Calendar Integration here.

  1. Due Date Calendar
    The Due Date view of your calendar will display tasks on their scheduled date of completion. So if you have three tasks that should be completed today, they will all appear on today’s date in your calendar. Both weekly and monthly options are available for this view.

    Monthly View:
    a.   Date Toggle: The date range displayed in your calendar is listed here (in this example it is November 2019 – April 2020). Click on the arrows to the right and left of this date range to go back to a previous month, or advance further into the future.
    b. Calendar Display: Calendar view can be displayed in a Monthly format (as shown here), or in a Weekly format. Click on this button to toggle between the two options.
    c. Capacity and Calendar Settings: Click to modify the setup of your workweek within Moovila, and update calendar integrations. Learn more about this functionality in Managing Capacity and Prioritizing Work with SmartSchedule.
    d. Refresh Calendar: Calendars are automatically updated daily, but for up-to-the-moment information, click to pull the latest detail from integrated calendars.
    e. Forecasting Late Task Notification: When overdue SmartTasks exist or are forecasted they will be tallied here. Those tasks are denoted with a red circle in the calendar view.
    f. SmartTask Listing: SmartTasks are displayed on their due date. Overdue SmartTasks appear in red, while those that have not yet passed their due date are purple. The number that appears on the right side of the SmartTask communicates the number of days after the due date that the item is forecasted to be completed. The square on the left side of the SmartTask gives an update on that item’s status.
    Snag_17802750.png A fully open square indicates that a SmartTask has not been started.
    Snag_1780791a.png A half-filled square means that the SmartTask is In Progress, and has been marked with a percent complete greater than zero.
    Snag_1780afaa.png A square marked with a "!" shows that a SmartTask is marked as Blocked. This indicates that the team member responsible is unable to complete the SmartTask without an intervention--this may be more information, more resources, etc.

    Weekly View:
    The Weekly format provides a less dense view of the SmartTasks at hand on a weekly basis. It also pulls in data from calendar integrations, so meetings are pulled into a single view as well.
    a.   Due Date / SmartSchedule Toggle: Weekly View is available in both Due Date and SmartSchedule formats. Click here to transition between views.
    b. Integrated Meetings: In this view any meetings available in integrated Outlook or Google Calendars will display in grey alongside SmartTasks (shown in white).
  2. Click by Due Date in the upper right corner of header bar to switch to SmartSchedule.
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