Access projects by clicking the Projects icon. The Project Portfolio screen appears. The Project Portfolio screen displays all projects to which you own, contribute, or have SmartTasks assigned. A summary of each project is displayed including the project owner, the number of associated SmartTasks (and their status), the percentage of SmartTasks complete, and the due date.

Here’s a walkthrough of the Project Portfolio’s features:

  1. Projects Icon: Leads to the Project Portfolio.
  2. View Options: There are several views available for displaying project portfolio detail. By default the Project Portfolio displays in List view, but the system will remember the last view upon the next login. Other views include:
    Portfolio Timeline View
    Project Card View
  3. Grouping Options: Provides different ways of organizing projects. These include Owner, Team, Project Scope, Program, Category, Stage, Priority, Due Date, Month Due, Month Starting, and None (which sorts projects alphabetically by name). The icon that displays within the Sort panel indicates the current sort criteria applied to the Project Portfolio (in this example, projects are sorted by program).
  4. Favorites Icon: Click to view projects marked as Favorites.
  5. Column Display Settings: Click to turn on/off the columns displayed. Options for display include: Project Name, Sub Title, Project Owner, Start Date, Project Priority, Due Date, Forecast Date (Displays the date that a project is forecasted to end without intervention. Dates in purple are forecasted to end on-time, dates in red are forecasted to end late, and dates in green are forecasted to finish early), Variance (difference between Due Date and Forecasted Completion Date), Changed Date (the date the project was last modified), Value, Impact, Team, Program, Category, Stage, Tasks – Total, Tasks – Late, Tasks – Blocked, Tasks – Critical Priority, and Scope.
  6. More Options: Click to import a project from MS Project, Print to pdf, or Save to Image
  7. Add New Project: Click to create a New Project
  8. Filter: Limits the project data displayed. These include filtering by Project Status, Project Involvement, Project Type, Owner, Program, Category, Stage, Priority and Forecast Date.
  9. Project Category: Reflects how the projects are being organized/grouped via the Group function.
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