1. Open a project. Select the List view from the left navigation.
  2. Click the Edit dropdown menu at the top right. The Edit Options menu opens. Select Edit Task Dependencies from the menu. 
  3. Click the dependency button for the desired SmartTask. The SmartTask’s dependency button highlights as deep purple and eligible predecessors are denoted with the "+" icon.
  4. Click the desired eligible predecessor. A purple arrow now connects the dependency with the predecessor and the mceclip4.png icon becomes a mceclip5.png. The dependent SmartTask row number also updates in the dependency button.
  5. To remove existing dependencies, click the mceclip5.png icon.
  6. When satisfied with any modifications, click Save. The Save Dependencies screen appears.
    a.  Click YES to update SmartTasks with the proposed dates or NO to not receive notifications.
    b. Click YES, to turn on date change notifications, if desired.
  7. Click Save.
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