Organizing the Project Portfolio

There are several ways to group, sort, and filter the Project Portfolio so that it becomes more aligned with the way you want to work.

  1. Grouping projects:

    Click the Group icon. The Group by options appear.


    b. Choose how you wish to organize your project listing by clicking on the desired selection. Options include:
    Snag_619b3ecd.png Sorts alphabetically by project name.
    Snag_619bd783.png Groups and sorts alphabetically by project owner.
    Snag_619cbd8d.png Groups and sorts alphabetically by project team.
    Snag_619dfe3b.png Groups and sorts by project scope (Enterprise, Team, and Personal).
    Snag_619f0dd6.png Groups and sorts by assigned program (programs are customizable organizational initiatives).
    Snag_61a03fee.png Groups and sorts by category (categories are customizable and allow similar projects to be grouped).
    Snag_61bbfcc2.png Groups and sorts by product (products are customizable and allow similar projects to be grouped)
    Snag_61bedd35.png Groups and sorts by stage (stages are customizable and allow projects at a similar point of progress to be grouped).
    Snag_61bfad28.png Groups and sorts by assigned priority (Critical, High, Normal, and Low).
    Snag_61c5df37.png Groups and sorts by due date (Overdue, Rest of Today, Tomorrow, Rest of this Week, Next Week, Beyond Next Week, and No Date Assigned).
    Snag_61c85b14.png Groups and sorts by the month that projects are due.
    Snag_61c99bf1.png Groups and sorts by the month that projects are scheduled to begin.
  2. Filtering the Project Portfolio.
    a.   Click the Filter button. The Filter Projects screen appears.
    b. Select the Status. Options include Active, Completed, and Archived. (Choose one or several.)
    c. Select the Limit to filter. Options include projects All Projects or I'm involved in Project (Choose one.)
    d. Select the Type. Options include Projects and Project Templates. (Choose one or both.)
    e. Select any additional filter criteria to apply by clicking on the dropdown menu for that option (Owner, Program, Category, Product, Stage, Priority and Forecast Date are available). The dropdown menu will open.
    f. Click on items to select filter criteria. Selected items will be denoted by a checkmark. Click again to unselect, or click Reset to clear the selection(s).
    g. Review the applied filter criteria.
    h. Click Save as my default in the upper right of this dialogue to save these filter settings. These filter criteria will be applied to the Project Portfolio every time it is opened going forward.
    i. Click Apply to save your filters or Cancel to discard the filter.
    j. Click Reset to return all filters to their default settings. To remove custom default settings, click Reset on the dropdown of each saved filter, then click Save as my default. The filter criteria will then return to Moovila’s standard default settings.
  3. Viewing Favorite Projects.
    a.  Follow individual specific projects in the Project Portfolio by selecting the star icon next to the project name in the list or Project Portfolio Timeline view.

    Toggle the Favorites (star) icon in the menu to ON to view only those projects marked as Favorite.



    Toggle the Favorites icon to OFF to view all projects.


  4. Sorting Projects:
    a.   To sort projects click on the column header of the data by which you wish to sort.
    b. The data will sort in ascending order (A>Z). 
    c. Click the column header again to sort descending order (Z-A).
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