1. From the any view of the Project Portfolio, click a project.
  2. The Project screen appears (Displayed below is the Dashboard View).
    The Center Navigation Bar allows Project Phases and SmartTasks to be sorted, filtered, and organized in different views.

Click within the View menu to change how the Project is displayed. Options include:

a.   Dashboard View: Choose this view to see a customizable dashboard surfacing important information about the project.  To learn more see Managing the Project Dashboard.mceclip5.png
b. Critical Path – Choose this view to see and edit the dependency relationship between SmartTasks in a network diagram, and manage the project’s critical path. To learn more, see Using the Critical Path Engine.mceclip10.png
c.  Power Grid – Choose this view to see and edit phases and SmartTasks in a spreadsheet format, see Using the Power Grid.mceclip9.png
d. Gantt: This view displays SmartTasks alongside the visual timeline representation of when they will occur and their dependencies.mceclip8.png
e. Calendar – Choose this view to see phases and SmartTasks in a calendar format.
f. Thumbnail – Choose this view to see thumbnails representing SmartTasks grouped by phase.
g. Kanban – Choose this view to see SmartTasks vertically organized by phase and drag and drop between phases.mceclip14.png
NOTE: Use caution when using drag and drop functionality.  Moving tasks could impact the project plan.
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