Breaking projects out into phases gives them structure and organization. The next step after creating a project is to add these phases. Once this structure is in place, SmartTasks will flow easily into their appropriate phases.

  1. From the Project detail screen in either List or Gantt Chart View (shown here in List View), click the Edit menu. The dropdown menu opens.
  2. Click Add a phase. The Add Phase screen appears.
  3. Enter a name for the phase and, optionally, enter a description for that phase. Click the Create phase button.
  4. The new phase now appears in the project. To add additional phases, either:
    a.  Add via the Edit Options Menu:
    i.  Click the Edit Options menu and select Add a Phase from the dropdown. The Pick new phase parent window opens.
    ii. Click Select to choose the existing phase that new phase will reside under (in this example, Document Audit). If the new phase will not reside under another phase, select the project name (in the above screenshot, HR Process Updates).
    iii. The Add Phase window opens. Follow the same steps completed to add the first phase.
    b. Add within an Existing Phase:
    i.  Select the existing phase that the new phase will reside under by clicking on that phase. The Add Phase button appears to the right.
    ii.  Click the Add Phase button. The Add Phase window opens. Follow the same steps completed to add the first phase. The newly created phase will be added as a sub-phase or child phase of the previously selected phase.
    c. To move a phase simply select the arrow icon on the right of a phase to drag and drop the selected phase to a new location within the project. A bold black line and arrow will be displayed showing the phase’s new location.
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