Project construction can be a time-consuming and complicated process, but Moovila allows the quick and efficient building of new projects based on the templates of your most successful or repeatable projects.

  1. From the Project Portfolio, open a project.
  2. Click the mceclip1.png icon at the bottom of the vertical menu. The Additional Options menu opens.
  3. Click Create Project Template. The Create Template screen appears.
  4. Select the SmartTask Ownership.
    a.  Clicking Use Existing Owners maintains the same SmartTask ownership that exists in the current project.
    b. Clicking Assign to Me assigns all SmartTasks in the template to the template's creator. If this option is selected, all existing SmartTasks will be duplicated, but ownership of each will be assigned to the project owner. This feature allows the owner to reassign SmartTasks as they see fit in future usage of the template.
     Best practice & default setting is to select “Use Existing Owners”. When “Assign To Me” is selected all SmartTasks will be assigned to Owner as Personal SmartTasks.  All tasks will need to be reassigned to a team member before the template can be used by a team
  5. Click Create Template. The new template now appears in the list of templates.
  6. To find the new template, click Project Architect in the left navigation to return to the Project Portfolio.
  7. Click the Filter icon in the left navigation to ensure that the Project Templates are showing. Click Apply.
  8. The new template now appears in the Project Portfolio in purple.
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