Once a template has been created from an existing project, that template can be used to build a new project.

  1. From the Project Architect screen, locate the desired template and click Add from template. The Copy Project screen appears.
    Note: If you cannot view your new template, check filter settings to ensure that viewing templates is enabled.
  2. Select the SmartTask Ownership.
    a.  Clicking Use Existing Owners maintains the same SmartTask ownership that exists in the current Template.
    b. Clicking Assign To Me assigns all SmartTasks in the template to the template’s creator. If this option is selected, all existing SmartTasks will be duplicated, but ownership of each will be assigned to the project owner; this feature allows the owner to reassign SmartTasks as they see fit in in this project.

    Note: Best practice and default setting is to select “Use Existing Owners.” When “Assign To Me” is selected all SmartTasks will be assigned to Owner as Personal Tasks.  All tasks will need to be reassigned to a team member before the project can be used by a team.

  3. Click the Continue Copying button. The second Copy Project screen appears.
  4. In the first field, the project name appears as [Project] COPY. Rename it as desired.
  5. In the second field, add a subtitle. While this field is technically optional, adding a clear subtitle will help distinguish this project from the template upon which it is built.
  6. In the third field, edit or add to the description to accurately describe the new project.
  7. In the Project Scope section, select if this is a Personal, Team, or Enterprise project.
  8. Click the Project Owner & Team to display a list of owners. The Select Owner screen appears.
    a.  Select the appropriate owner or click Add Member.
    b. Click the Back arrow to return to the Copy Project screen.
  9. Optionally, click Start to display a calendar and choose a start date.
  10. Optionally, click Due to display a calendar and select a due date.
  11. Optionally, select Program and Category/Product from drop-down menu.
  12. Optionally, under Financial Impact, enter information regarding cost as well as what is visible and to whom.
    a.  In the Amount field, enter how much this project will cost each day. 
    b. In the Show field, toggle between showing Losses or Gains.
    c.  In the Audience field, toggle among the following groups:
    i.  Leaders Only
    ii.  Leaders and Viewers
    iii.  Leaders, Viewers, and Members 
    iv. Leaders, Viewers, Members, and Extended
  13. Click the Copy project The project now appears in the Project Portfolio.


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