Several seamless integrations exist between Moovila and other applications to streamline processes and enhance the user experience.

Both Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendars integrate with Moovila’s Capacity Planner. By pulling in meetings, personal obligations, and holidays alongside SmartTasks assigned in Moovila, an accurate understanding of resource availability is possible. Learn more about calendar integrations here.

Cloud Storage
Attaching images or files to SmartTasks is made easier by integrations with cloud storage platforms Box, OneDrive, DropBox, and Google Drive. This allows files to be seamlessly attached without the need to download them to a desktop and then upload them to Moovila.

  1. Click on a SmartTask that you wish to add a file to, then click the Attachments button.
  2. The Select file source window opens. Click the button for the cloud storage platform where the desired files reside. The first use of cloud storage platforms via Moovila will require authentication.
  3. Click the Yes button to link the chosen cloud storage site to Moovila.
  4. The cloud storage site that is being linked to Moovila will open in a new tab prompting a login and permission.
  5. Follow steps to log into the chosen cloud storage site and allow Moovila to access files.

MS Project
Integration with Microsoft Project allows project plans to be imported—saving the time and effort that would be required to recreate them within Moovila. Learn more about importing from MS Project here.



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