mPix Risk Items: Invalid Locked Date

What it is: 
A task that appears on the Critical Path or in a dependency chain and occurs before the logical predicted timeframe has its dates set to "locked." This prevents the dates from being updated as a result of a delay or an opportunity for an accelerated timeline.

Why it matters: The invalid dates are compromising the accuracy of the project's timeline and putting the on-time completion of the tasks at risk.
See locked dates in the Critical Path view below, denoted by the "lock" icon.

What's next: If the dates for the SmartTask do not need to comply with the dates that the task is locked to, go into the task detail view and deselect the Lock Dates option, then click the Update Timeline button in Critical Path view. If this is not a possibility, examine the duration of tasks leading up to the invalid date to see if any of these may be shortened to save time. Work with the task owners to identify any potential for time savings.

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