mPix Risk Items: Invalid Date

What it is: 
The Critical Path Engine has recognized updates to the project's timeline, but these dates have not been applied to the project plan. This could be updates based upon new SmartTasks being added to the project and associated with other tasks via dependencies, due to delays in work, or changes in durations.


Why it matters: The project plan is not currently accurate, so the forecasted work and completion dates calculated by Moovila are not reliable. In the example below note the impact on the final SmartTask in the Critical Path caused by updating the duration of another task in the workstream. The original end date of 10/27 (shown next to the red "x") is no longer being reached, and the new forecasted date of 11/4 appears in purple.

What's next: Review the invalid dates and the proposed updates. If they suit you, click the Update Timeline button. 

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