mPix Risk Items: Insufficient Time

What it is: 
Based on today's date, the work estimate, task duration, and percent complete for a task, there is not enough time for the planned work to finish on schedule. In the example below, the SmartTask is at risk because today is 10/5 (our due date), 16 hours are estimated for this work to be completed, and there is no progress shown on this task, so we have no indication that it has been started.

Why it matters: This greatly reduces the likelihood that this task will complete on time, thereby putting the on-time delivery of the full project at risk due to cascading delays.

What's next:
There are a few options:

  • If there is flexibility in the timeline, extend the duration of the task in question and adjust downstream task durations to make up for lost time. In this scenario, if one extra day is added to the task in question, you would want to try and cut one day from the duration of a downstream task. This will bring us back to the originally forecasted completion date.
  • Split the work between resources if possible. In some scenarios it's possible to break a SmartTask into smaller pieces, allowing multiple team members to work on the task at the same time and help you hit your original deadline for this task.
  • Confirm the status with team members. In the screenshot above we can see that Kelli still has 16 hours worth of work to do and has marked the SmartTask as 0% complete. It's possible that she is further along than she has indicated and can reach the deadline without intervention.
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