mPix Risk Items: Late Task

What it is:
One or more SmartTasks in the project have missed their scheduled completion dates.

Why it matters: The delay of even a single SmartTask may have a ripple effect, impacting  future task start dates, and ultimately, the completion date for the project. In the example below the first SmartTask in the Critical Path is two days late--note the red lines that extend forward into future tasks. This indicates that these tasks will be impacted as well.

What's next: If the dates for your project are flexible, you may choose to accept delays and the new due date of your project. In the Critical Path view of your project the impact of the delayed SmartTask(s) will be presented along with a revised forecasted completion date. Click the Update Timeline button to proceed.

If the dates for the project's completion date is not flexible, you will want to work with your team to get back on track. Contact the task owner(s) to ensure that they're aware that the work is overdue and actively working to complete it. Work with the owners of any downstream tasks to determine where/if durations can be trimmed to make up for the delay and potentially regain an on-time project delivery.

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