mPix Risk Items: Illogical Status

What it is:  
A SmartTask has been marked complete prior to its predecessor. In the example below, the Review Q4 Plan Performance task must be completed before the Draft Q1 Plan task can begin, however the Draft Q1 Plan task has been marked complete.



Why it matters: Illogical status within a project plan can indicate an incorrectly structured plan making the timeline and forecast inaccurate. 

If the dependencies are correctly defined, this would indicate that tasks have been completed out of order. In the example above, the Q1 Plan was drafted without a review of the Q4 Plan. This would mean that the new plan is not as informed as it could be if these tasks were performed in the correct order and the previous plan's performance had been analyzed.

It's also possible that a SmartTask has been accidentally marked complete, or that a completed SmartTask has not been updated. This would mean that the status of tasks within the project is not accurate, and therefore the forecast for project completion is not accurate either.


What's next: Check in with task owners to confirm that the status is accurate, or review SmartTask dependencies to ensure the project is correctly planned and structured.

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