mPix Risk Items: Outbound Bottleneck

What it is:
There is a single SmartTask or milestone in the project plan that has many direct successors. In other words, there is one SmartTask or milestone that must be completed before many other SmartTasks may begin.

Why it matters: The delay of this SmartTask or milestone will have a large ripple effect and impact the many dependent tasks that rely on it. In the example above, if the Beta Complete milestone is delayed by one week it means that the White Paper, Content Pack Creation, Implementation Guide, Partner Profile, Recorded Demo and Marketplace Tile will be unable to begin for a week.

What's next:  Consider breaking the upstream task that is creating the constraint into multiple tasks to reduce risk.  If the dependency chain cannot be modified, closely monitor and track status of the bottleneck task, as its impact in the overall project plan is outsized. This can be done by monitoring the percent complete for the task or by checking in with the task owner.

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