Version 11.0 Release Notes


 Here's an overview of what has changed in the latest release (made available November 18, 2020):

New + Improved

  • Intelligent Project Control:
    • mPix: Using over two dozen different project management best practices as guides, mPix highlights opportunities for projects to increase the likelihood of finishing on-time and on-budget.
    • Projects are given an mPix score that corresponds to adherence to best practices in project planning. The more that these best practices are followed, the higher the score, the stronger the project plan, and the better the odds of hitting deadlines.
    • Diagnostics Panel (Debugger): In addition to breaking out the aforementioned best practice red flags, key project data is also displayed in this panel, giving users an at-a-glance pulse check on important metrics related to Timeline and Financials.

    • Carmen Project Analysis + Coaching: As issues arise in projects they are flagged in the mPix Diagnostic Panel. Moovila's new AI project analyst and coach, Carmen, aids users in issue resolution. Carmen walks users through where the issues exist in the project plan, why they are important, and offers recommendations on ways that they might be remedied. In addition, videos are available to further explain and help get projects on track with best practices to optimize performance.

  • Selective Timeline Updates:
    • Users can now choose to update select SmartTasks in the timeline and leave others as they are.
  • Master Add Button:
    • The Add button at the base of the screen has become more powerful. Users can utilize this button to add Projects, Teams, Tasks, Team Members, and Project Phases. 
    • The Master Add Button is context sensitive, so the options to add new items are specific to the page that the user is viewing.

  • Quick Filter Functionality: 
    • The addition of a Quick Filter allows users to immediately filter down results displayed in Projects, Project Detail View, Teams, and Tasks. As the user types the records displayed are modified to fit filter criteria, and results that match highlight the search term.
    • Additionally, this Quick Filter is available using hot keys Ctrl+F on a PC, or Command+F on a Mac.

  • Global Search Functionality:
    • The Search functionality has been moved to the upper left navigation in Moovila. It displays the first 50 search results in any category, grouped by type (tasks, projects, teams, users).

  • Product Code Functionality:
    • Projects can be associated with customizable product codes.
    • These product codes are available as columns and can be used to group, sort and filter project data.

  • Notifications - Batch Acceptance of Tasks:
    • Via the Notifications screen, users are able to archive all SmartTasks assigned to them with a single click. (Note that this does not accept or reject the batch of SmartTasks.)


  • Printing from dashboard view with expanded panels now creates a full populated PDF.
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