Organizing the Teams Screen

On the Teams screen, you’ll see a list of your top collaborating teams.

  1. Choose how to view teams.
    1. Find the View panel.
    2. To view teams as a circle (as below), click the Circle icon.
    3. To view teams as a list (as below), click the List icon.
  2. To Sort teams:
    1. Click Sort. The Sort options appear.
    2. Choose how you wish to sort teams. Options include:
      • Activity: Sorts by level of activity (SmartTask completions, progress updates, messages, etc.), so more active projects will display first.
      • Name: Sorts alphabetically by team name.
      • Size: Sorts by number of team members, with the largest teams displaying first.
      • Extended: Displays teams that allow for extended users (team members outside of your organization) first.
      • Leader: Sorts by primary leader.
  1. To Filter results:
    1. Click the Filter icon in the left navigation. The Filter Teams screen appears.
    2. Select the Status. Options include Active and Archived. (Choose one.)
    3. Select the Scope. Options include Internal and Extended. (Choose one or both.)
    4. Click Apply to save your filters or Cancel to ignore the filter.
    5. Click Reset in the upper right corner to reset all filters to their default settings.
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