Creating a New Team

As office dynamics shift and new projects and functions arise, so does the need to create new teams. This can be done via the Master Add button or the Teams Homescreen.

The Master Add button Snag_51bdd3a8.png can be found at the center of the bottom of the screen when navigating any page in Moovila. Click the Master Add button, then select  Snag_51c15722.png.


Or, from the Teams Homescreen, scroll to the bottom of the team listings and click the Create New Team icon.


The Create New Team screen appears.


  1. In the Name field, enter a name for the team.
  2. In the Description field, enter some details that define the team’s function and purpose.
  3. In the Group Permissions section, choose an Internal team if all of the team’s members will be a part of your organization. Choose an Extended team if you anticipate including team members from outside of your organization.
    NOTE: Once the Group Permissions option has been selected and the Team created, it cannot be changed from Internal to Extended. This limits the possibility that individuals outside of your organization receive proprietary information not meant for external parties.
  4. In the Group Type section, choose a team type based on the anticipated size. Click Team to create a group with 30 or fewer members. Click Community to create a group with more than 30 members. This group type provides Team Leaders an efficient way to interact with large groups while maintaining virtual one-to-one relationships and effectively scaling SmartTask assignments.
  5. Click the Create new team A confirmation screen appears.

  6. Click OK. The Edit Team screen appears. Here, the name and description of the newly created team can be edited, teams can be deactivated, and members can be added, edited and deactivated.



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