Managing Team Members

Some projects may include team members from both inside and outside the organization. Teams containing extended members (from outside the organization) are denoted by the interlocking circles icon (below). Extended team members are shown with a blue outline around their profile image vs. the standard purple shown for internal team members.


Here are a few differences between internal and extended team members:

  Internal Extended
Can be a team's Primary Leader  Y N
Can be a team's Leader Y Y
Can be a Member Y Y
Can be a Viewer Y Y
  1. To add a new team member from inside the organization:
    a.   Click the Add Member button. The Add new member screen appears, displaying potential team members.
    b. Click on the photo of a potential team member to add them. Their photo disappears from this screen and appears when the Back arrow is used to return to the Edit Members screen. Add as many members this way as desired.
    c. Click the Back arrow. The Edit Members screen appears with new members added. Newly added team member photos will turn from the faded green below to a standard photo after saving changes on this screen.
  2. To invite a member from outside your organization:
    a.   Click the Add Member icon. The Add new member screen appears.
    b. Click the Invite by mail icon in the upper right corner. The Invite New User screen appears.
    c. Enter the user’s details.
    i. In the First name field, enter the user’s first name.
    ii. In the Last name field, enter the user’s last name.
    iii.   In the Email address field, enter the external email address.
    iv. In the Confirm email address field, re-enter the email address.
    v. If you choose, you can enter the organization name and job title.
    vi. Click the Send Invitation button. A confirmation screen appears.
    vii. Click OK. The Edit Team screen appears and the new invitee appears as a member.

    NOTE: New member invitations with your organizations email address will automatically be added as an Internal team member.  If the email does not contain your organization’s domain (or a whitelisted domain), the new member will be added as an Extended team member.

  1. To edit a member’s role:
    a.   Click the Edit member details button. A list of current members appears.
    b. Click the Role button for one of the team members. The Select Role screen appears.
    c. Select the role for this member by choosing one of the following:
    i. Primary Leader – This user has complete control to invite new members and edit and delete team activity. (Note that only one member can hold this role at a time.)
    ii. Leader – This user has the same rights and roles as the Primary Leader except they cannot edit the Primary Leader.
    iii.   Member – This user can view all team activity but can only edit and delete their own SmartTasks, not those created by others.
    iv. Viewer – This user can view activity but cannot create or be assigned SmartTasks.
    d. Once the role type has been selected, click the Back arrow to return to the Edit Team screen where the team member’s new role appears.
  1. To Deactivate a team member:
    If a team member takes leave or needs to be removed temporarily from a team, they can be deactivated.
    a.   Click the Active slider beside the desired user to toggle to Deactivated.
    The user will still appear as a team member, but their status is Deactivated. To reactivate them, simply toggle back to Active.
    b. To continue to view deactivated members, mark the Show Deactivated checkbox in the upper right corner. To hide these members, unmark the checkbox. The next time this screen is logged into, the deactivated user will not appear as a member.
    c. Click the Back arrow to return to the Edit Teams screen.
    d. Click Save. The Teams screen appears.
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