1. Click My SmartTasks in the vertical toolbar. The SmartTasks screen appears.
  2. Under View, select the Calendar view. The calendar screen appears.
  3. In the upper left corner, click mceclip0.png.  The Capacity and Calendar Settings screen appears.
  4. On the My Capacity Settings, update Moovila with your typical work schedule.
    a.  Select the days in a typical work week.
    b. Set times of your typical work day.
    c. Enter the length of typical break times.
    d. In the Burst Capacity field, enter the time available for overtime each day.
  5. In the Calendar View Settings panel, click Link to link with Outlook or Google Calendar. The Open Link Window screen appears.
  6. Click Yes on Open Link Window pop-up to be redirected to your Microsoft or Google login.
  7. Enter the email address and password for the account(s) to be linked.
    For Outlook:
    For Google Calendars:
  8. Success message will be displayed, window will close, and you will be redirected back to Moovila.
  9. Select OK from pop-up window.
  10. Click Save to complete linking of calendar(s).
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