With external calendar(s) tied into Moovila it’s possible to gauge how much bandwidth you or your team members have based on everything on your plates on any given day. The Available Capacity detail appears below the week in the Week Calendar View.

a.   Daily Capacity will reflect the number of hours that have been made “workable” in the Capacity and Calendar Settings screen. In this example, there are 7 hours available for work on a work day. This detail can be edited by clicking the Settings (gear) icon in the upper left of the screen.
b. Available Hours displays the number of hours remaining in the day for additional work. In this instance there are -1 hours available for SmartTasks. When this number is negative it shows that a person’s workload is excessive. In this example, this user is one hour beyond the daily capacity needed to complete all of the work and meetings on their plate.
c. SmartTask Workload displays, in purple, the number of hours that have been assigned via Moovila.
d. External Calendar Workload shows, in grey, the number of hours that have been blocked off on an Outlook or Google Calendar. This may be meetings, appointments, holidays, etc.
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