In Thumbnail View each project is represented by a tile, which displays key markers of project progress and health.

  1. Project Grouping: These divisions represent the Group criteria assigned to the Project Portfolio, and can be collapsed or expanded using the Close All, +,  and – buttons.
  2. Project Owner: The owner is represented by their photo and name.
  3. Project Title + Subtitle: The black text is the project’s title. The purple text is the project’s subtitle.
  4. Project Percent Complete: This percentage represents the number of SmartTasks that have been marked as complete for this project.
  5. At-a-Glance Status Icons:
    PortfolioThumbnail7.1.png SmartTasks Complete: Displays the number of completed SmartTasks out of the total number of SmartTasks found in the project.
    PortfolioThumbnail7.2.png Overdue SmartTasks: Displays the total number of overdue SmartTasks in the project.
    PortfolioThumbnail7.3.png Blocked SmartTasks: Displays a count of SmartTasks that are “blocked,” indicating that they require some sort of intervention for work to proceed.
    PortfolioThumbnail7.png SmartTask Priority: This icon displays the priority associated with this project (Low, Normal, High, or Critical).
  6. Due Date: The end date that has been assigned to a project displays here. This may differ from the actual, or forecasted date of completion.
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