Bringing projects into Moovila from Microsoft Project allows project plans that already exist to be easily leveraged and shared with a team.

  1. Click on the Project Architect icon to open the Project Portfolio.
  2. Click on the “…” icon in the left navigation to access the Additional Options menu, and select the Import Project icon.
  3. The Import Project screen will open.
  4. In the Project Scope section, select if this is a Personal, Team, or Enterprise project.
  5. Click the Project Owner & Team to display a list of owners. The Select Owner screen appears.
    a.  Select the appropriate owner or click Add Member.
    b.  Click the Back arrow to return to the Import Project screen.
  6. Click the Import button.
  7. The file explorer screen will open. Navigate to the MS Project file to upload, and click Open.
  8. Moovila will then import the project file, and display the Project Importing… screen.  The process could take several minutes.  Select OK, and a notification will be sent when import is complete.
  9. When import is complete the Project Import Complete screen will display.  Select yes to open the project, or no to open later via the Project Portfolio.
    NOTE: If No is selected, you may need to refresh your browser before the project will be visible in Moovila.
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