The Notifications section communicates and organizes all important activity occurring throughout the system, along with providing historical record for documentation and auditing purposes

These notifications provide a quick snapshot of new assignments, pending actions, reminders, and completed dependencies (to ensure that teams’ projects keep flowing). Once items have been reviewed or acted upon, they are archived to provide a record for what’s happening in the system.


Icons in Notifications represent the following:


A purple square card represents someone:

  • Accepting a SmartTask, project or team assignment from you
  • Assigning you a SmartTask
  • Sending a resource
  • Congratulating you for a job well done
  • Changing a due date on a SmartTask to which you’re assigned
  • Completing a dependency SmartTask, allowing you to get to work on your SmartTask

A red square card represents someone:

  • Rejecting a SmartTask you tried to assign
  • Declining to join a team to which you’d invited them
  • Nudging you on a SmartTask you have yet to deliver
mceclip3.png Click on the Handshake icon to quickly accept a SmartTask or join a team. Click on the notification to view details and/or decline the invitation.
mceclip4.png Click the Archive button to remove notifications from this screen once all necessary has been taken on them. The Archive displays all invitations, assignments, nudges and shared SmartTasks as well as recognition and a list of completed SmartTasks.

A “Stop” hand means a SmartTask or team invite has been rejected.


The Sort function allows messages to be organized in the way that makes the most sense to you. Options include displaying by Message Type, Sender, Sent Date, Unread, and Status.


The View menu allows provides several options for how to display notifications. Notifications can be organized by list, in a thumbnail view, or by category (Kanban).

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