As in other areas in Moovila, the Sort icon can be used to organize notification messages in the way that best suits your work style.

  1. Click the Sort icon. Sort options appear.
  2. Organize your notifications by one of the following:
    • Message Type: Groups notifications by message type. Some examples of this would be Team Invitations, SmartTask Assignments, Accepted Team Invites, Accepted SmartTask Invites, Rejected SmartTask Assignments, etc.
    • Sender: Organizes notifications by the person that assigned you to a SmartTask. You may use this function if, for example, you want to review messages from your manager first.
    • Sent Date: Groups notifications by the date on which they were sent, with newest messages appearing first.
    • Unread: Groups notifications as Read and Unread, with the newest unread messages displaying first.
    • Status: Organizes notifications by the state in which the message exists in the workflow (for example “Pending” or “Nudged” or “Complete”).
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