Opening a Notification

  1. From the Homescreen click the Notify icon. The Notification Center screen appears displaying Pending Messages. Unread notifications appear first by default.
    In this example, we are viewing the Notifications screen in List mode and messages are sorted by SmartTask type. If any messages appear in red (or pink, if they’ve been viewed), someone has rejected a SmartTask or an invitation, or is sending a nudge requesting an immediate response or reaction.
  1. Open a Notification.
    Click a notification item or card (depending on your view). The SmartTask Assignment screen appears.


a. Use the back arrow to leave the SmartTask Assignment screen without accepting or rejecting the SmartTask.
b. The date that the SmartTask was assigned is displayed in the upper right corner.
c. The photo and name of the person who assigned the SmartTask--in this example, Cathy Dixon.
d. The SmartTask’s name and description offer more insight about what is being requested.
e. The Due Date indicates the date that this assigner has requested that this SmartTask be completed.
f. Click [open] to view the full project corresponding to the assigned SmartTask.
g. Respond to the SmartTask request here before accepting or rejecting that request.
h. Click Accept to accept the SmartTask. Upon return to the Pending Notifications, the SmartTask no longer appears in the Pending Messages and instead appears in the Archive. Click Reject to turn down the SmartTask.


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