Using the Notification Archive

The best way to keep Notifications functional and decluttered is to address notification messages as they come in and send any unneeded/complete SmartTasks or notifications to the Archive.

  1. To Archive Notifications: Click on the Archive icon on the far right of the notification.
  2. To View Archived Notifications: From the Notifications Center screen, click the Archive icon in the upper navigation.
  3. The Notification Archive screen appears.
  4. To review a notification that has already been archived, click the message card. The message detail appears.
  5. Any details used to describe this item will appear on the detail screen.
  6. To view more detail on the task/team/project featured in the notification or to add a note to the record, click [open]. The detailed view for that task/team/project opens.
  7. To close the detail and return to the Archive, click OK.
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