Based on your notification settings you will receive the following notifications in the Notifications area, by email, or push notification when certain occur in Moovila:

Notification Name

Notification Description

Invited to Team

User was invited to join a Team by another user.

Team Accepted

A Team Invitation was accepted

Team Rejected

A Team Invitation was rejected

Team Departure

A user has left a Team.

Team Message Added

A chat message has been added to a Team

Project Assigned

A user requested that a Project be assigned to you.

Project Accepted

A Project assignment was accepted.

Project Rejected

A Project assignment was rejected.

Project Completed

A Project was Completed.

Project Imported

An uploaded file was successfully imported as a Project.

Project Import Failed

A Project import failed.

SmartTask Assigned

A User requested that a task be assigned to you.

SmartTask Accepted

A Task Assignment was accepted

SmartTask Rejected

A Task Assignment was rejected

SmartTask Completed

A Task was Completed

SmartTask Message Added

A chat message has been added to a SmartTask

Dependency Complete

All dependencies for this SmartTask have been completed.

SmartTask Attachment Added

An attachment was added to a Task

SmartTask Due Date Changed

A Task due date was changed

SmartTask Cancelled

A SmartTask was Cancelled

SmartTask Deleted

A SmartTask was Deleted

SmartTask Nudge Sent

A nudge was sent to you.

SmartTask Pat Sent

A pat was sent to you.

Published SmartTask Accepted

A SmartTask that you published has been accepted.

Published SmartTask Rejected

A SmartTask that you published has been rejected.

SmartTask Review Added

A review was added to a SmartTask published by you.

SmartTask Shared

A SmartTask was shared with you.

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