Version 5.24.0 Release Notes

This release (made available February 10, 2020) contains the following updates:

  • Project export is now available for use by project owners and project team leaders. Projects are exported into an XML format. (Not available for non-paid “Moovila Extended” enterprise users.)
  • Portfolio Dashboard Updates
    • Completely user-defined Dashboard panels can now be created using unique filters, selection of Grid or Chart presentation, customizable visible columns, and specified name and description. 
    • Dashboard Panel Editor:
      • Additional Chart Groups have been added to the original options of User, Team, and Phase. New options include: Category, Stage and Priority.
      • Chart Sum options are now available, including Count, Project Value, Variance Impact, Effort Balance, and Effort Total.
      • Column Customization for Data Grid View now allows columns displayed to be selected, reordered and resized.
      • Panel Footers have been added to display the average or sum of columns in Data Grid View. 
    • Chart and Data Grid View toggle now allows users to click to change the view without the need to enter edit mode.
    • Average and Sum footer toggle allows users to switch between average and sum by clicking on the footer.
    • Column sorting, reordering, and resizing in Data Grid View are available in both view and edit modes. (Click on the column header to sort using that data.)
    • Dashboard panel titles are now auto-populated, but can be modified by users. 
    • Chart tooltip functionality has been added so that users can now mouse over chart segments to show the group, value, and column used.
    • Printable/Savable Project Portfolio Dashboard allows for printing to PDF or saving the Dashboard as a .jpeg.
  • Moovila's Guide is now accessible via the Options menu as a resource for product support.


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