Version 7.11 Release Notes

We are excited to unveil our latest release, which brings a major user interface redesign and the introduction of the Power Grid for Task and Project Detail views.

An overview of the platform featuring updates can be found in the video below.

Moovila v7.11 updates include but are not limited to the following:

Power Grid

    • Quick Entry Forms: 
      • Items, Steps, Attachments are available in Power Grid view as lists in a grid format. This allows for quick entry of multiple items, steps, or attachments. 
    • Advanced Sorting: 
      • Click once on a column header to sort in ascending order, click again to sort in descending, and click a third time to remove the sort.   
      • Multi-Layer Sorting: Click one column header, hold the shift key and click another to sub-sort. Up to three layers of sorting can be applied. 
    • Spreadsheet-like interaction featuring hot keys:  
      • Tab advances users through cells to the right 
      • Ctrl/Command Shift A adds a new task. Once a task has been added, hit enter to continue adding rows. Can add rows several at a time and then come back through and add titles, etc. 
      • Crtrl/Command C to copy and Ctrl/Command V to paste. Must be paste of the same column. 
      • Select a range: Click first, hold down shift and select the last to select all. 
      • Ctrl Click to deselect several cells. 
      • Right click gives the right click menu (vs. using key commands) 
      • Spacebar enters Milestones in the Milestone field. 
      • Ctrl Shift P to add a phase (in Project Detail view) Power Grid is now available as a view within Project Detail and Tasks. It delivers the following general functionality:
        • Bulk edit allows many changes to be made in a batch and then saved at once. Edited areas turn green indicating which records have been modified.  
        • Dropdown menus for easy editing of fields including Owner, Priority, and Cost Code—start typing and Moovila will filter results presented in the dropdown. 
        • Chat appears as a field in the Power Grid and indicates whether new messages are available, or whether messages exist within a Task. 
        • Column + View Customization: 
          • Turn columns on and off 
          • Resize columns (some have min and max widths) 
          • Drag and drop to reorder columns  
      • Dependencies Editing: 
        • Improved UI for adding dependencies. Predecessor and Successor are now available as columns. 
        • An abbreviated Dependency Map is available via the PowerGrid with the option to click in and view the full Critical Path. 
        • When new dependencies are established, it is indicated in the PowerGrid when they impact the proposed timeline, and the option is given to update the dates. 

Cost Codes  

  • Default Cost Code Groups can now be set up for project, and default cost codes can be assigned to phases. When new tasks are added to projects or phases, this information will pre-populate. 
  • Cost Code Units of Progress: Units of measure can now be associated with cost codes so that progress can be tracked against a task in the desired unit.  
  • Default Cost Codes for Phases can be set up for users at the admin level

Critical Path Functionality Updates

  • Early Completion: Configuration options now exist that allow the timeline to be compressed when a task completes early. In this instance, the immediate successor's start date slides up to fall on the day after the previous task's completion. 
  • Cancelled tasks now behave like Milestones in the Critical Path. They take a duration of zero and do not consume time in the timeline. 
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