Version 7.27.24787 Release Notes

Moovila released Version 7.27.24787 on August 11, 2020 EDT. 

Here's an overview of what has changed in the latest release:

New + Improved

  • Easily Drill into Tasks: Click on the expand icon in your dashboard to open the task detail view.
  • Enhanced Date Locks:  Tasks with specific date ranges can now be locked in Task Detail view and will maintain those locked dates even when the Critical Path is updated. Tasks downstream will be updated to reflect date changes, but inflexible dates that have been "locked" will remain unchanged. 
  • Reorder Available for Task Sorting: Moovila allows for Tasks to be arranged to fall between sub-phases. When in Reorder Mode, users are now able to use the Reset button to bring all Tasks back to the top of a phase. See below for an example of this functionality:
    1.  Note placement of Tasks. The Review Current Dev Environment and Create Digital Specifications Doc tasks exist within the Planning phase, following the Creative Brief phase and before the beginning of the Wireframes phase.
    2.   After clicking the Sort icon and entering Sort Mode, the Reset icon is available.
    3. You will confirm that you wish to reset your task sequence order, and after agreeing to proceed, will select the phase to reset. Note that the reset will apply only to the chosen phase and not to its sub-phases. For example, if Q4 Marketing Materials were selected, it would only reset tasks that appear outside of its own sub-phases, it would not impact any tasks that appear outside of sub-phases within Planning or Creative.

    4. Below, see the result of the reset. The three tasks that exist outside of sub-phases within the Planning phase have been brought to the top. 
  • Phase Headers Retain Status When Task Added: New Tasks can be added while maintaining the state of phase headers, so if they are open, they will remain open. If they are closed, they will remain closed.
  • Calendar Picker: This functionality has returned and can be accessed via Power Grid or Task Detail views.
  • Attachment + Description Viewing: Users who have not yet accepted Tasks or do not have edit rights are able to access attachments and view descriptions for those Tasks.
  • Task Dashboard Assigned by Me Panel: In Task Dashboard view, the Assigned by Me panel will only display Tasks that have been assigned by you to other users.
  • Japanese Language Updates: Requested language updates have been made to the Japanese version of Moovila.
  • Project Subtitle Visibility: Project subtitles can now be viewed in Power Grid and Task Detail views.
  • Easy Task Completion: When a Task is marked as complete the percent complete is automatically set to 100%.
  • Record ID Column: This column tracks the order in which Tasks are created and added to a project. It can be used to sort Tasks based on order of creation.


  • Template projects no longer allows editing/setting of status, start date, due date, completed date, locked dates, or % complete.
  • Percent complete and status no longer appear in copied Tasks.
  • Modified Filter graphic now appears in Project Tasks section.
  • Edits to compression of dates following completion in Critical Path view saving correctly.
  • Optimized saving of Tasks with attachments for speed.
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