Version 7.27.25319 Release Notes

Moovila released Version 7.27.25319 on August 27, 2020 EDT. 

Here's an overview of what has changed in the latest release:

New + Improved

  • Enhanced Critical Path Engine Functionality: 
    • Inter-project dependencies can now accommodate links to personal projects and complex security situations wherein project managers do not have access to all related projects.
  • Enhanced Task Edit Locking Functionality:
    • Tasks lock functionality has been modified to ensure when a user has a task in edit mode other users will not be able to update the task.
  • Enhanced Project Data Refresh Functionality:
    • Every time a project is opened the project and associated task data is refreshed in order to give the user the most up to date task detail.


  • Project Critical Path and Dependency performance improvements.
  • SAML popup now loading properly.
  • Task data now displaying accurate, uploaded data in Critical Path view.
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